MACFEST partnered with Stretford PUBLIC Hall for Herstories festival!


We are delighted to have successfully hosted 50 MACFEST events in 9 days across the city of Manchester in our first year.


There is something for everyone at MACFEST with debates, panels, book launches, art & photography exhibitions, Nasheeds and workshops .


We were thrilled to bring both a local and international line-up of speakers, performers and artists from countries including Morocco, France, Bosnia and more!


MACFEST worked closely with local schools and The Manchester College to explore Muslim arts and culture projects.


Follow our MACFEST journey and stay up to date with future events and news!

Our Mission

We aim to bring Muslim and non- Muslim communities together, promote social inclusion and overcome barriers.

Muslim Arts and Culture Festival will celebrate the diversity and richness of Muslim heritage. It will engage people of all ages and denominations, including school, college and university students and local communities.

Qaisra Shahraz FRSA
Founder, Director & Curator of MACFEST