ROSEMARIE HUDSON, Founder and Publisher of HopeRoad Publishing

Rosemarie Hudson is British publisher and came to publishing from a background in PR, radio and film.  In 1997, Hudson set up BlackAmber Books in order to bring real, and long overdue diversity to the publishing industry and provide African, Caribbean and Asian writers with a wider platform, and also prove that these writers could be commercially successful. (Only now, some 20 years later, is diversity finally being discussed, but not always addressed, by the industry.)

Hudson was responsible for spotting the talent of a then-unknown young writer from Brixton called Alex Wheatle; she published his first novel Brixton Rock – now a hugely popular modern classic.   HopeRoad Publishing, of her latest venture, established in 2010, Hudson says: ‘HopeRoad is continuing the mission to promote inclusive literature with a focus on African, Asia and the Caribbean’.