Maboobeh Rajabi

Mahboobeh Rajabi is a digital artist and theatre maker. She uses different art forms including dance, movement and digital arts such as; animation, moving image, documentary, music and drama. Mahboobeh is passionate about creating innovative and participatory pieces and using new methods to communicate untold stories. Her works have been shown internationally in Europe and the far east of Asia and she has collaborated with Manchester International Festival. She was awarded the Jerwood Creative Fellow in 2017 and arts organisations across Greater Manchester such as CAN, Commonword and HOME.

In March 2018, Women of Manchester celebrated 100 years of 'Right to Vote' for women and Mahboobeh captured this very special event. The women of Manchester, from all different backgrounds, came together in one of the coldest days of the year to send the message of how powerful they are and they will continue to fight for equality and rights for women.