Ajmal Masroor

 Ajmal Masroor is an Imam, fundraiser, broadcaster and Relationship Counsellor. In 2014 he was recognised in the Muslim 500 as one of the most influential Muslims in the world today.

He is the co-founder of the Barefoot Institute for Muslim relationships. They provide marriage counselling and relationship training. He has authored numerous articles on marriage and relationships for magazine and newspapers including publishing a book called '10 Things You Should Know Marriage'. 

He is regularly invited to speak on issues on integration, Islam in the modern world, Muslim community, and topics that relate to social and political issues. He is actively involved with local and international charities and takes a leading role in fundraising. In the last twenty years he has raised over £30 million for various causes around the world. He is also the Chair of Childrenplus, a charity devoted to changing the lives of children. 

He is a broadcast journalist regularly writing for the Guardian online, the Evening Standard and Huffington Post. He has been a specialist consultant on programmes about Islam and Muslims for Channel 4, BBC, ITV and CNN. He is often called upon by the media to give commentary and response to current affairs and social issues relating to the Muslim community. He also had his own weekly TV programmes on the Islam Channel and Channel S covering socio-political issues. 

He has devoted all of his working life in bringing communities together and building bridges. He has become known as the voice of reason for Islam in Britain and actively challenges extremism. 

When he was 19, his father took him to Bangladesh and attempted to arrange a marriage to a selected bride however he refused, causing a family rift. His personal experiences have made him into an articulate opponent of forced marriage. He and his (freely chosen) wife Henrietta, a Hungarian-born convert to Islam, offer their services as relationship counsellors.

As an Imam he has been leading Friday prayers in various London Mosques for the last twenty years.